Does your company maintain a register of reputation?

Standard Chartered Rating GmbH:

  • maintains a register of company’s reputation in 12 countries worldwide;
  • unites the best companies under unified brand-status “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR” around the world;

THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR is the brand of more than 50 countries around the world.

Status- reward "THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR" is awarded to the best companies for the excellent reputation in every country.

"THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR" is a patented trade mark.


  • forms the history of a company’s reputation from one year to the next;
  • captures the main achievements of the enterprise over the past year;
  • it is an invisible asset for the company's reputation-which increases the enterprise value;
  • it is an assurance of the company’s reliability.

Status-reward "THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2016" for unblemished enterprise reputation.

The price is € 1296 over year

The price of € 1296 includes:

  1. Assignment of usage of brand rights "THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR".
  2. The register of enterprise reputation for 2016 year.
  3. Production of status-reward "THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR".
  4. Certificate of international standard "THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR".
  5. Logistics and transportation costs for the delivery of gratuity brand mark.