Standard Chartered Rating GmbH explores the fields of marketing, economics and finance in developing countries for recruitment of investors.  
On the basis of our research we founded and started maintain a register of reputation of the enterprises. 
We assess the business reputation of companies, determine and award the companies with the status «THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2016» for the unblemished reputation with certificate-confirmation.           
Today, Standard Chartered Rating maintains a register of company’s reputation in 12 countries worldwide.      
Standard Chartered Rating GmbH owns the licensing rights for this status in each country. It bears witness of its authenticity.

Study methods: 

Expert Committee of Standard Chartered Rating GmbH uses various valuation methods of business reputation. 

The most popular and valid methods are qualitative methods of reputation valuation:

  • — survey method (information accumulation from third party source);
  • — expert method which in turn divided into top-rated and recommendatory.

We can use both specific methods and combine them as a whole. For analysis, we choose a group of enterprises representing medium-sized businesses in the country in one type of activity, in one region. 

Evaluation criteria:

The main and most significant evaluation criteria are:

  • — quality of products;
  • — solvency;
  • — management professionality.

Additional criteria that may be applied in studies if requested by the investors:

  • — environmental concern;
  • — community relief;
  • — contribution to the history of country, city, region, house, street etc.;
  • — politics with regard to staff;
  • — charity;
  • — criticality rating under taxpaying;
  • — efforts directed at business development;
  • — general assessment of merchant company’s prospects;
  • — significance point for national economy.

Factors that work for promotion of reputation:

  • — availability of distinct business strategy;
  • — publicity of management policy;
  • — corporate vision of business;
  • — social significance of business;
  • — social responsiveness.


Impeccable reputation is based on its inherent values:

  • — authenticity;
  • — honor;
  • — liability;
  • — respectability.