• Association "Economic Development Board" (Russia) is an independent expert. It conducts expertise of research data, its authenticity and compliant with standards of the participating country. Association provides technical and legal support to participants. It monitors the credentials, the correctness of its filling, the research technique, the objectivity and independence of the reflection of the register table’s data, holds consultations on the formation of accounts.
  • The international economic rating "The League of the Best" is an official representation of a group of international companies on the territory of the CIS countries that conduct a comprehensive assessment and keep records of the business reputation of enterprises, institutions and organizations in more than 24 countries worldwide.
  • Association "Committee for Economic Development" (Ukraine) is an independent expert, the first non-governmental organization created directly by company’s chief executors. The main goal of the Committee is inclusive development of business in accordance with the European standards of management, the establishment of international economic links and the achievement, on this basis of a high level of economic stability.
  • INTERNATIONAL RATING ASSOCIATION (HONGKONG) is chief expert, an international organization founded in 1997 with the goal of uniting leading companies to create a strong and influential professional community that would become a powerful voice of all entrepreneurs who received the title of leaders in their target market, as well as companies, who aim for leadership. In 2012, the organization restructured its membership and made a number of changes to the Association's Charter.
  • PREISDESIGN (SWITZERLAND) is a company that engages in engineering with the subsequent author's control of production of gratuity symbols and jewelry since 1957. Steady product quality, attention to small details and punctuality allowed the company to become a partner of the International Rating Association (Hong Kong) in the development and control of the production process of specialized gratuity symbols for all partners of the Association.
  • LLC "Euroconsulting" is an independent auditor, conducts audit of data, ratings and its authenticity. Performs a comparison and evaluation based on the figures and facts of the official financial reports of the enterprise and the whole team, in accordance with the EUROPEAN STANDART RATING (European ranking standard), which has been recognized in many countries of the world.
  • EUROPEAN STANDARD RATING is standards of assessment, founded in the 1960s, to determine the best enterprises and fast-growing industries. The single method of ranking score of the financials of enterprises, i.e. aligning and analyzing some units in a certain order, in accordance with pre-established rules and given criteria. Nowadays, the European Standard Rating is widely used not only in Europe, but throughout the world.