Standard Chartered Rating GmbH establishes a goal:

  • Creation of business reputation history in the world;
  • Association of the companies with impeccable reputation in the brand new business community.

Case of the enterprise reputation is concession and dependability to the company or to the company’s brand.
The chronology of records from year to year in the case of reputation - is the annual fixing of the most important events, facts and achievements of the company: patents, rewards, diplomas, certificates, and the company's own museums.
By the law of development, everything walks over spiral up and repeats.
Reputation case is the book of achievements and office instruction of business for company successors and for children and grandkids of present owners.

Application of the status “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR”: 

  • allows companies to generate more cashflow than its competitors under equal conditions;
  • helps to make a statement about your products (and/or services) and about your impeccable reputation in a more readily available form for the consumers;
  • allows for the stimulation of economic growth;
  • is a visual demonstration of impeccable reputation.

The duty of a wise business owner is now to form the case of enterprise reputation.

Status “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2016” includes:

1. Certificate “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2016”:

  • fixes the main company achievement over the past year;
  • evidences unblemished reputation of the company;
  • forms the case of reputation heritage from year to year;
  • it is among pages of reputation book.

Certificate “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR 2016”= 1 year of company life

2. Status-reward "THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR":

  • visualizes high profile of company with impeccable reputation;
  • it is binding attribute of success and respect;
  • brings historical value for future successors.

The Certificate-status "THE TOP MANAGER OF THE YEAR"

The nominal status "THE TOP MANAGER OF THE YEAR" provides to its owner:

  • maintenance of personal achievements of business heritage;
  •  creation of the of personal impeccable business reputation history as a leader;
  • entering the caste of the best leaders;
  • Confirmation of superiority over competitors;
  • The advantage in achieving a higher job title.